Thursday, November 1, 2012

diy: restoration hardware inspired art

I knew as soon as I saw the massive sea fan wall art at Restoration Hardware that I had to create a DIY version for our powder room.  While the RH version is a lot larger in scale (61" x 45") the hefty price tag of about $1500 was a little out of my price range for bathroom art!  Now I definitely am a DIYer and often I will suggest for people to DIY things for their space and they look at me like I have two heads.  I will say some DIY projects are a little intense, but this is one that a 5 year old could probably do! Another bonus...minus drying time this will take you all of about an hour!

After I completed the project, I wasn't sure how it would come out, and I was super excited with the results.  I have people comment on it probably more than anything in my house (besides the crazy stencil job I did on the walls in the same powder room...that's for another post though!)  So I completed this project way before I started blogging so sorry for the lack of photos.  It is so easy though that I think the directions will be super easy to follow.

This inspiration: The first is obviously the look I went for and the second is another options that would be just as easy....

What you will need:
(What is sad is I already owned all of this except the shadow box!  So a quick trip to Michaels and I was ready to go!)

1. Sea Fan:  I found mine at TJMaxx, however there are tons on eBay and Etsy for great prices.  The size is your personal preference
2. Spray Adhesive
3. Cream Upholstery Fabric: (or whatever color you choose) Upholstery fabric will make your life easier and will not show glue spots, it only needs to be the size of your frame plus about an inch on all sides.  (I actually used a thick drapery panel that I had never used!)
4. Flat Black Spray Paint: (or color you choose!) I like how the black looks more natural and shows up against the fabric!
5. Shadow Box: The size will be based on the size of your sea fan so just take it with you to the craft store.  These often are on sale at Michael's or Hobby Lobby (the one I used)
6. Liquid Leaf in Brass: found here, I chose brass because it is a brighter metal look than the gold, but this is also personal preference

*all of the above items can be found at a local craft store (Michaels/ Hobby Lobby)

1. Spray paint entire sea fan black, on both sides, let dry
2. Use liquid leaf & small paint brush to paint the base gold (make sure to get into all the makes a difference!)
3. While your sea fan is drying cut your fabric to almost the exact size of the back of the shadow box (the part that comes out like a picture frame) only leave a small allowance on all sides as it will stick out in the back (which doesn't really matter..I'm just picky!)
4. When you take the back of the shadow box off there will be layers of cardboard, fabric, etc.  Leave all in place.  Spray a very light coat of spray adhesive directly to the top layer the back of box.  Gently place your fabric and smooth out any wrinkles...let dry
5. Shadow boxes will also come with about 4 sewing pins made to be used with your box.  Spray paint the heads of these flat black. (or use a sharpie!)
6. Lie your sea fan where you would like it positioned on the shadow box backing and simply place the sewing pins through the holes of the fan to hold in place. The sea fan is so light it will hold and they will blend with the fan so you won't even notice!
7. Place cover back on shadow box and make sure the fabric is to all edges (nothing weird showing)
8. Hang and admire your totally awesome art!

(Sorry for reflections in glass..never claimed to be professional photographer!)

 Can you find the pinhead?!

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