Thursday, November 8, 2012

before & after: my kitchen

Our kitchen is probably the smallest ever! There was nothing pretty about it when I first bought the house, however I saw the potential.  I tried to stay with a neutral and light palette to help it feel as big as the little guy could.

So where to even start...This is a picture from closing day.  Yes, that is a chain attached with two knobs as the oven handle..high class! Pretty much everything in the kitchen I changed, except the cabinets... new paint and hardware were an easy and economical update.  I kept the layout basically to save money, and a kitchen this small there is not much room to move things around anyways, so I decided it wasn't worth it.  This isn't a forever house so most decisions were made with return on investment in mind.

One bonus is a walk in pantry for storage.  I also had an electrician add an outlet here so that the microwave wouldn't have to take up counter space.  Another image of how small the fridge was (apartment size), which turned into quite the hunt when finding a new one that was the look I wanted, yet also fit!

This picture pretty much sums up how awful the before was...this sink use to seriously freak me out..eww! Notice the awesome faux woodgrain laminate counters also!

Making progress... Cabinets painted, all hardware changed, new counters and sink (hallelujah!) installed, walls painted, new oven and fridge, new light fixture.  The tile was also removed and I brought the hardwood that I used in the rest of the house into the kitchen to make the space flow better.  The hole for the dishwasher... I learned the hard way that it had to be a very particular size in order to open and not hit the oven.  3rd dishwasher was the charm!

I did a faux paint finish on the walls to add some texture for what little wall space would actually show in the end.  Notice the large giant sink...I love it even more every time I use it!

Next came the debate of what back splash tile to use.  I was between white ceramic or white marble, both in a smaller 2 x 4 size.  I decided on the white ceramic because finding enough "white" white marble (without too many grey tones) would have driven anyone mad and I did not want it to compete with the countertops.

 "Living" with the tile for a few days to make sure I'm 100% on my decision!

Some afters....

 The back splash I'm pretty proud of because I did it myself...its so easy by the a puzzle!


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  1. It is terrific, Mallory. You did a great job!

  2. It looks great! I love a good subway tile backplash!

  3. Good job!! I wish my backsplash had turned out as well as yours!

  4. What color paint did you use on your kitchen cabinets? It's gorgeous... You should post a pantry after pic, too!

  5. @Lauren Orgrinz. It is Benjamin Moore White Dove. I plan to eventually do a post on the pantry...It still needs a little work with organization though!

  6. Hi, I love your cookbook art print. Where did you get that?


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