Friday, October 26, 2012

before & after: stair landing

So while this isn't a major before and after (like an entire room) it is an area in our house that has had many changes.  So I thought I would share!  I purchased the 3 level town house about 2 years ago and it has been a continually changing/renovating process.  While there have been times I have wanted to pull my hair out and move, I really do love how everything has turned out and it is all how I wanted and completely my style.  I went with the theory of buying the worst house in the best neighborhood so there were very few things I wanted to keep how they were on closing day.  Because of a three level layout I have several landing areas...this is the one that is on the main level with the living/dining area and the kitchen.

Here is a before shot with all of the things that were wrong (pretty much everything!) ....

We first removed all flooring, painted the wall, and had an electrician move the light to the center of the space

Next came new hardwood floors and can also see the new light fixture in this picture

I then added molding to the doors and painted them a creamy dark grey, new door levers were also added

Finally I painted the back of the book shelf black and styled the bookcase

Wall Paint: Bher Dolphin Fin
Door Paint: Bher Intellectual
Bookcase Paint: Ralph Lauren Black Truffles

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