Friday, August 22, 2014

easy bathroom upgrades without renovating

Being in my 20's and obviously most of my friends are too means a lot of new homeowners, renters, & fixer up buyers!  And I am often asked about various things to do in your home that don't necessarily mean breaking the bank or breaking ground on a renovation.  Being a first time homeowner myself I also understand the overwhelming to-do list that hits you one you have moved.  I've put together some easy upgrades for your bathroom to hopefully help.  These are perfect for making your builder grade bath a little more personal.  For the bathroom you plan to renovate down the road, yet can't deal with its current state!  And even for renters who still want to make their residence more of a home!  Your bathroom is usually where you start and end your day so it should be a space you love!

1. Paint / Wallpaper.  Probably the easiest and most dramatic change you can make.  Also don't forget to look past your vanity.  So many times people are scared to paint this...even if you have the laminate type from Home Depot painting the base can make your bathroom feel so much more luxe.  Just make sure you use a paint that works with your surface!

2. Lighting.  So many are intimidated by changing out lighting.  I consider it one of the number one things on the list...get rid of that boob light (you know the one I'm talking about) and put something more fun in.  If you splurge on this you can always take it with you down the road.  Kennedy Gold Leaf Wall Sconce

3. Hardware.  An easy DIY thing is to switch out your hardware from simple things like towel bars and toilet paper holders to even bath and sink faucets.  They can make your basic bath feel a little more custom.  Lugarno Double Towel Bar; City Toilet Paper Holder  

4. Hang Art.  Don't be scared to hang a fabulous piece of art in the bathroom.  "Warnicke Spoonbill"

5. Showerhead.  Make you're mornings a million times better with an upgraded showerhead.  Either rain fall or high powered jets...whatever your fancy!  Square Rain Showerhead

6. Luxe Towels.  Another way to create a spa experience...I am a firm believer in buying the best towels you can.  Matouk Estate Towels

7. Custom Shower Curtain.  Is there a designer fabric you love yet don't want to splurge on the yardage for your sofa?!  Use it for your shower curtain!  An easy project for a beginning sewer or have your local seamstress do it for you!  (tip:  Make your shower curtain longer than the normal 72" square and hang it a little higher!)

8. Add Furniture.  If you have the space add a small chest or even a garden stool.  Extra storage..bam!

9. Store Essectials in Glass.  Even the most boring bathroom necessities look so much better when places in apothecary jars.  Just keep all of the same thing per jar...soap, cotton balls, bath salt.  Glass Canisters

10. Framed Wall Mirror.  Don't fall victim to having the wall mirror clips! Bamboo Mirror

11. No Clutter.  The free one on the list!  Nothing ruins a bathrooms ambiance like tons of random bottles and toothpaste tubes laying around.  Clear out chaos!

12. Fresh Flowers.  They make any space better.  Have something pretty to wake up to in the morning...they are proven to make you happier!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

color crush: apricot orange

I think its safe to say that orange has become a classic color for interiors.  Most of the time though when you think of orange for the home the classic, bold Hermes shade comes to mind.  Don't get me wrong...I love a good Hermes orange, but lately I have noticed I'm being more and more drawn to apricot orange.  Its softer tones with sometimes hints of pink give it a fresh feel even though it is a color that has been around forever!  It is warm while also being laid back and elegant all at once.  It also pairs very well with my color obsession of the year...blush pink.

Check out how it has been used in all of these interiors from bold walls to even just the drapes or door...which are equally as impactful.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

butterfly chairs

Butterfly chairs...they have been around forever.  Many of you probably are thinking oh I had one growing up or in my dorm room!  I seem to keep noticing them being used in super chic spaces though!  So, what do you think?  Would you use one in your own home?  The fact that they fold up so easily makes them perfect for having on hand when you just need extra seating.  And the best news is there are many more chic options available than the pink canvas versions that probably popped into your head when I said "butterfly chair!"

I really love the look of them outdoors.  Perfect for adding extra seating areas for outdoor entertaining.  They could then easily be stored.

A few options I loved.... and changer!  How awesome is the gold base?!  By just switching a basic canvas one to this base would make it feel so much more expensive.

6 Wooden Base // 7 Gold Base (how amazing is this?!) // 8 Cowhide

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

grown up finds from pbteen

I recently stumbled upon the desk below and then came to find out it was from Pottery Barn Teen!  I have always said that teen and kid sources can still produce some great finds for your adult rooms, but realized I had not checked out PBteen in a while.  I have to say I'm more impressed than ever with what they've got going on.  The bonus of shopping brands geared towards little ones is that the prices usually reflect that also!  Below are a few of the things that stood out to me the most...

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