Tuesday, March 17, 2015

green with envy

In honor of St. Patricks Day here are some emerald green spaces I can get behind!  (Better than corned beef and cabbage...ewe!)

I have loved this kitchen Kelly Wearstler designed for Cameron Diaz ever since it was first featured...such unexpected finishes that are so chic and cozy.

Kelly Wearstler
The drapes make this space...

If I were to ever have a colored sofa it would definitely be emerald green velvet...I just love the look!

A little green goes a long way in this powder room with a malachite mirror and vase...It goes perfectly with my favorite color combo...black, white, & gold!

Dying...these chairs with the burl dining table!  

Grant K Gibson

Monday, March 16, 2015

10 things by the time you're 30

This past weekend I turned 30...it really is the craziest feeling.  Saying you're in your 20s still gives the feeling of the world is at your fingertips with limitless possibilities...yet 30s just sounds more responsible (not saying thats is a good or bad thing!).  I remember growing up thinking 30 was so old and that I would have so many life things checked off by this age.  While some I do...there are some I don't...and i'm ok with that.  I actually saw a news segment recently that said more people know what they want out of life in their early 20s than their early 30s...interesting huh?

I saw this article from Elle Decor a few months ago, 10 Things You Should Have in Your Home by Age 30, and am proud to say it is one list that I do have everything checked off on.  So I thought I would share some of the things I have in my own home...plus a few other favorites!


This is definitely something I have paid more attention to over the past few years.  I don't think you have to drop thousands to have great art (although it would be fun)...there are so many affordable options out there.  Two of my most recent purchases:

Sam Simeon Face by Sally King Benedict

Hermes Scarf (@malloryshawdesign)


Number one pet peeve when it comes to bookshelf styling is not enough books....which makes your shelves look like a display in a store!  Fill them with books you love.  Someones bookshelf can tell a lot about their personality and interests.  Check out my round up here of some of my favorite coffee table books (or for bookshelves)


This should be by the time you're 25...this is no longer college!  I'm a huge believer in all white (sheets too)...you can bleach them, they feel cleaner to me...and like you're at a hotel!

My linen closet makeover
Similar to what I have: Ralph Lauren Wescott


I love the fan fav fiddle leaf fig.  I really love them in the taller tree style, yet don't have the space.  So I have a small one (less than $15 from ikea!).  I'm also a fan of succulents...both are hard to kill!




Hands down invest in your bed...a bed you love getting into is priceless.  I prefer beds to headboards...but either works great...just as long as you have one of the two!  

Two favorites:  The Colette & this upholstered sleigh bed


I have several collections...none too crazy though.  I always try to pick up a designer or luxury fashion accessory or something for my home while traveling.  It makes me feel better about the splurge that it comes along with a memory as well.  For the home I love collecting Hermes boxes...they are great to style with...although building the collection can be a slow process!

image via pinterest


I think the only exception to this rule is for hand soap that has great packaging.  My go to is marble or  glass...classic and you will not be sick of them quickly.  


If you know me this is an easy answer...Diptyque Baies...I pretty much can't get enough of it!


Mine are just Ikea Besta units that I added oversized satin brass ring pulls to...I love how much storage they give me.

Other favorites: 

Atelier side table with drawer

Terrace Side Table


The Hermes Avalon was definitely a splurge and something I wanted for a long time before pulling the plug...I still don't regret it!


Friday, March 6, 2015

a few of my favorite instagrammers

With so much social media these days it can be hard to keep up.  My favorite is hands down instagram...maybe it's the visual/design part of me but I am definitely on it the most.  So I thought I would do a spin on #followfriday and share some of my favorite instagrammers you should be following!  (& if you're not already you can follow me @malloryshawdesign)

Erica Cook of Moth Design has been one of my favs for a few years now.  This mom of 5 boys has more style than I know what to do with...plus a white based house...with 5 boys.  Proof that it can be done!  She also is constant inspiration for styling your coffee tables, ect!  Follow her @erica.cook or check out her blog here!

Brian Patrick Flynn is an Atlanta based designer who seriously has to win the award for wittiest quotes, thoughts, ect.  His work is amazing and his comments are constantly making me laugh! (See below.)  Follow him @bpatrickflynn and check out his site here!

Ally of From The Right Bank is also Atlanta based and shares her design updates to her own home and also her travels.  This chic should be the photo you see when looking up jetsetter in the dictionary.  She is constantly traveling the work and I really just want to go along in her suitcase.  She also was the first to do leopard upholstered parsons club chairs...which we have now seen repeated so many times!  Follow her @fromtherightbank and check out her blog here!

Next up is Insieme House...I actually don't even know how I came across this instagram account but I'm so glad I did.  This cute new england A frame cottage shows that you can have lots of style in a small space.  I have always be fascinated by small living spaces and this just takes it to the next level.  Follow her @insieme_house and she has a site coming soon here!

So who are some of your favorites?!  I always love learning about new accounts!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

my winter skincare favorites

So I don't know about y'all but this winter has done a toll on my skin.  I feel like as I get older it gets worse...or maybe I am just more aware of it (the joys of aging).  I always love hearing what others use and love so I thought I would share my favorites with y'all.  All of these products I currently use and love.  No I don't necessarily use them all in one day but I adjust depending on what my skin needs are day to day on a few of them.

The number one thing I have learned that makes the biggest difference with that awful dry winter skin....EXFOLIATE...I learned this from a Sephora worker a few weeks ago and it has been the biggest game changer.  (plus the guy was in his 50s with skin that looked more 20s/30s...so I was all ears).  Some of you probably already do this and I'm the one who's clueless! A little gross but you have to remove the dry, dead, flaky skin for your moisturizer to ever be absorbed by your skin....makes sense. 

FACE | I use the same face wash year round (I have sensitive skin so after finding one I love that leaves my face feeling clean, without any residue or feeling oily, plus doesn't cause a breakout...win!), Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel.  I do however use a sensitive skin Buf Puf (yes like the one you used in middle school...they still make them!) to scrub instead of just my hands...works as a gentle daily exfoliator....and feel so good!

A few times a week I then use the Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel...this stuff is bananas...you just massage it on and your dry skin literally starts to ball up (gross...but at least you know its no longer on your face)!  I also use this on my hands when they are looking rough and like an alligator.

Finally I switch up between these two moisturizers...Kiehls Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream & Josie Maran Argan Oil.  Some even use the argan oil on split ends and cuticles...but I love how soft it makes your skin feel.  The wrinkle reducing cream I use more in the evenings because of its thickness.  

BODY | When I actually remember I try to dry brush before jumping in the shower...it helps with exfoliating and apparently helps detox your body (google it there are particular patterns you are suppose to brush in, ect...its a thing!).  A few times a week while showering I use the Kiehls Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish...I love how you can feel the little gritty pieces!  Then I always use Kiehls Creme de Corps as a body lotion...it moisturizes really well and doesn't irritate my skin!

HANDS | My hands can be the worst this time of year...so many days I have to stop it the middle of working to do some sort of treatment on them.  Kiehls Ultimate Strength Hand Salve is my favorite hand lotion...it really moisturizes and lasts longer than many other products I have tried.  I also exfoliate using the above Boscia peel or Body Polish before applying lotion when they are super dry.  I then sometimes immediately put on the gel lined gloves while watching tv or you could sleep in them if you want!

SCALP | I HATE having a dry scalp...when you can't help but itch which is such a lovely sight for all around I'm sure.  So I did some digging and started using this Alterna Exfoliating Scalp Facial...you just squeeze it in your hair and give yourself a little head massage with the built in brush...then wash as normal.  Has made a huge difference!

Would love to hear what some of your favorites are for beating dry winter skin?!

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