Sunday, December 21, 2014

diy marble gift tags

Another super easy way to add a personal touch to your holiday (or anytime) gifting!  DIY marble gift tags!!!

These are so easy and impressive! 

What you need?!

Large tub of water, gloves, blank gift tags, spray paint in the colors of your choice!


Simply spray in color by color to the water (a few times I swirled with a chopstick to make better patterns)  Then lay cards face down on pattern....

...and remove to dry!

The awkward paint hanging off the edges will flake off once dry!

Wrap away and impress everyone!  You're the Christmas Queen!

I also used a few gift tags and some gold leaf scraps while working on arrows to make these!  (just follow the gold leaf instructions!)

diy wrapping paper

Ya know b/c store bought wrapping paper is so last year.  #kidding.  I still had to give the whole diy wrapping paper a try...I couldn't help myself.  It actually took like no time (although I ended up doing less patterns than planned), and after they were wrapped and all styled up I LOVED the result!

Mixed in with store bought paper too...I think it makes a better combo!

What you will need?!
plain "wrapping paper" ...I used Fadeless bulletin board paper (you can find at Hobby Lobby, teaching stores, ect!), water, paint brushes, acrylic paint!

My original color story!  I didn't end up using all of the ones I made usual I went with my default of black, white, and gold.

The patterns...Large brushed gold circles on white (I wanted you to see the brushstrokes)

This was a last minute improv...paper towel tube dipped in gold on black...I like the few splatters in their too.

Tada...the end result!

Friday, December 19, 2014

gift guide 2014: my wish list

My Christmas wish list (and maybe some ideas for yourself)!  Im fully aware some of these are splurges...but it will never happen if you don't put it out into the universe!

black & white bowl // a trip to Paris, London, or both...I can't believe it has been over 8 years since I was in Paris for my internship and I've had a crazy urge to go back lately.  To spend a Christmas in London is one of my bucket list maybe for next Christmas?! // Valentino Rockstuds // no surprise a diptyque candle is on the list...I just can't get enough of them // this Avalon Blanket...I have the black one and love it...I think it needs a partner! // this little vase is just so chic // you know you're old when a new thermostat is on your christmas list // 'No 5 Culture Chanel' would make a great addition to my coffee table // these coasters are like mini works of art // tassel earrings...I have been lusting after ever since the first time I saw them! // the infamous H bracelet...Im pretty sure it has been on every wish list I have ever posted // new monogram bedding...even just the shams will do! // brass triangle stand...can be used in so many ways!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

gift guide 2014: for her

For your BFF, sister, mom...or even yourself!

Elizabeth & James Nirvana White (this scent is my fav lately!) // Sultra Bombshell (the only way I can get my hair to curl) // Tom Ford lipstick clutch // Leopard snood // pajamas // piggy bank // watch // 'Holly' art print // Sally King Benedict calendar (the artwork tears off and is post cards...or I would frame them!) // bar tool set // 'Angels' by Russel James..great motivation for the new year ;) // Ugg slippers (seriously how do people live without these?!)

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