Friday, January 30, 2015

friday five

I love the time of year when retailers are switching over collections and there is new product out there!  I have come across some great steals recently...

1. This mirror from Target's new threshold collection looks even better in person...and is only $50!  I would do a pair or trio together!

Gold Target Threshold Mirror

2. Next, I came across these chairs from you'll never guess where...Hobby Lobby!  I usually hate going into that store b/c its so overwhelming...but sometime you just have to.  If they start to carry more things like this I may just enjoy it more!

These last two were stackable!  Perfect for outdoors!

3. The Nirvana White scent from Elizabeth and James has become my daily go to lately....

Elizabeth & James Nirvana White
4.  I finally picked up a copy of Skinnytaste's new cook is just like her blog and does not disappoint.  I actually made the shrimp and grits that are featured on the cover this past week and they were just like a restaurant & so yum!  Which says a lot b/c I have never even attempted shrimp and grits on my own due to the fear of just how bad I would make them!  I also feel like I'm a good judge due to growing up in SC and trying countless takes on this dish!

Skinnytaste cookbook
5.  Loved this article from House Beautiful on the 6 mistakes you're making when making your bed!  A must read...happy to say I do all of them...even ironing (or at least steaming)! 

Happy Friday friends...hope you all have a great super bowl weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

playing florist in the caymans is a delayed part II of my caymans trip!  These are all of the fun pics from getting to play floral assistant for a few days to help pull off the final gala at Engage in the Caymans.  (For those of you not familiar...Engage is a conference for all the big players in the wedding industry!)  After working with Karen Trans team and several floral designers from all over the US, Canada, & Jamaica to pull this off I have a whole new appreciation for the floral industry.  It is nothing new that the luxury wedding industry pretty much is all things in excess!....and this fell nothing short of that.  While the work was insane to say the least, it was super fun learning new things about another form of design while meeting some awesome people!

We prepped through what felt like enough flowers that there has to be a few countries that no longer have any blooms!  The prep work is what truly amazed me, made me realize why flowers for events are so damn expensive...and honestly made me ask how they don't cost more!  I learned the art of "reflexing" roses...which is where you actually make them bloom by hand...multiply that by thousands and you start to see a small glimpse as to why I think they should charge more.  I feel like reflexing is like working retail...everyone should do it just once and if will give you a whole new view on what goes into pulling off a great floral display, ect.

A little behind the scenes....first we prepped as much as possible in these tents set up at the Ritz...

Then once we were allowed access to the ballroom prep began there and in the lobby....think of this as like the flip from rehearsal dinner to reception...First was the massive flower wall.

Followed by the remainder of the room the following day/ day of event!

I hate this image did not turn out well...guest entered through a massive floral tunnel of orchids!

One shipment of roses arrived about 3 hours before the event...which ended up being the stage backdrop!

Now for some afters...carefully snapped by my iPhone while running to actually get ready for the gala in what felt like record speed!



The experience was unreal and felt like a huge floral blur by the end of the week...I hope you enjoy this little peak of one non floral designers take on flowers in masses!  Cheers to team Karen Tran!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

travel log: cayman islands

One of my goals for this year with the blog is to share more travel.  I do a decent amount, even if its just weekend road trips, yet seem to never talk about it here!  Partly because lots of times I feel like I need more photos.  I  enjoy photographing things, yet there is also that fine line of taking too many or worrying about is it the perfect blog-worthy shot that can lead to not being truly present in the experience!  So I'm making more of an effort and going to also go back through some of my favorite places I've visited.  I always look to blogs for real people recommendations when traveling so therefore I should pay it forward right?!

First up...Cayman Islands!  If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I was there right before Thanksgiving.  It was a random/ whirl wind trip to say the least.  It all started when my best friend calls one day asking if I wanted to go to the Caymans with her in less than 2 weeks?!  And not for vacation but to work with Karen Tran (a famous florist in the wedding world...I learned during this conversation!) What??? At first I thought she was nuts and laughed and about an hour later I was looking up flights....10 days later I was on a plane!  I mean was starting to drop to cooler temps so warm weather sounded nice.  I love fresh flowers...maybe I could learn something for all of those totally awesome arrangements I do in my own home!  And boy did I learn..but thats for tomorrows post!

We were there for Engage (a luxury wedding event) that was held at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman.  While most of our time was spent working long hours prepping flowers we still managed to enjoy the island some!

The blue waters are unreal, there were some great restaurants, and while this island is tiny they have some spots that do luxury well.

The sunrises here were unreal...and so worth dragging yourself out of bed for!

These are one of those things that you see and think Genius!  Water tables and chairs...yes!  

Some favorite restaurants:

1. Sunshine Grill.  We ate here so many time during the week the staff got to know us!  The fish tacos were unreal and I am now craving them!  We drank several of these Mango Massages to get through the week.  They were we had them with breakfast one day (I can't believe I'm admitting that)!  

After every meal (even breakfast) they bring you a tiny cone of the soft serve flavor of the day.  Next level....brown sugar cinnamon....blueberry white chocolate.  Yes, these pics were on different days...told you we ate here a lot...but its just that good!

2. Mizu Asian Bistro & Bar located in the super cute area of Camana Bay.  Great outdoor seating on the water with modern asian dishes and sushi.  Oh and FOUR different types of edemame!

3. The restaurant at the Caribbean Club.  Great food with your typical steak and seafood options...but what makes it so great is the wine selection and dessert menu...which are like my love languages!

Part of our group also stayed at the Caribbean Club and I would highly recommend if you're taking a group.  The condos were amazing!

Im ready to go back for a relaxing trip!  Check back tomorrow to see what a small nation worth of flowers looks like!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

kate spade saturday for west elm

Have you guys check out the new collaboration with Kate Spade Saturday and West Elm!?  I love how it is color done in the perfect way.  Easy pieces to incorporate into neutral (or bright) spaces to add a little cheer!

Some of my favorites.... love the pink and orange combo!

Neon Diamond Wool Pouf
Neon Diamond Wool Rug

Black and white graphic stripes are always a good idea!

Signature Zig Zag Pillow
Small Scale Maze Dhurrie Rug

Love this rug for a girls room, entry, or office!!

Abstract Printed Rug

Art on a budget!!!

Abstract I wall art
Painted Floral Wall Art
Yellow Sun Wall Art

And lets throw in this modern desk lamp for good measure!

Globe Table Lamp

Go check out the entire collection here!

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