Friday, April 18, 2014

nate berkus for target: new for home, office, & beach!

A few weeks ago I pretty much did a happy dance when I came across the new Nate Berkus for Target office collection.  I picked up lots of gold favorite being the stapler (even though I rarely use a stapler!).  I since have been stalking in order to put together a post on this fab collection (stock photos are so much better!)  Super frustrating though as many of the pieces have never made it online..but you can check your stores or ebay (but be prepared to pay more).  Here is a photo I found on ebay of some of my favorites from the line up!  Can you believe all of this golden awesomeness!  It makes you want to redo your desk doesn't it?!  I picked up everything below except the dog tape dispenser and am really impressed with the quality...pretty heavy!


I did find a few of the items online.....

I also was super pumped this morning to see some new pieces that are being added to his home collection.  I haven't seen any of these in the store yet, but I'm going to make a trip today to see (and Easter basket shop...nothing like last minute!)  These are my favorites!  I can't get over the Moroccan pouf, at only $59.99 this is crazy town cheap compared to the real ones!

wire hurricanes (large & small) // moroccan pouf
metal frame // lamp (would look great with a white or cream shade too!)

Just when you think how will he top himself next time...beach towels!  I love fun!

Check out the rest of the new arrivals from Nate for Target here!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

wallpaper elite: porter teleo

Many of you are very familiar with (or have at least seen) the wallpaper in Kelly Wearstler's entry.  Well Porter Teleo is like the Maserati of wallpaper.  The line included hand printed, hand painted wallcoverings and fabrics.  Now I just need to move or have a brave enough client to use this!  Most of the patterns are large scale so they turn your entire wall into a piece of art.  Which in my opinion if you're going to fork over the money for custom wallpaper it needs to make a statement!

Because every piece is done by hand they require anyone who works on the paper or fabric to have a background in fine arts.

Some of my favorites.  When you are looking at the colorway swatches it is best to invision them more like and entire wall vs how you normally look at a wallpaper sample.

There is always the option to frame some panels instead of doing you're entire wall! 

Or use the print in fabric!

You can check out more of their patterns and colorways here!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

easter (or spring) table

We have yet to host a family holiday dinner or lunch at our house.  Yet every time a holiday comes around that requires a table setting I always imagine what I would do...or will do when the day comes that its our turn to host!  Here is what I've put together for Easter or really it could be used for any springtime dining!

dinnerware // flatware // chalkboard napkin rings (double as place cards!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

dining inspiration: dallas shaw

You may have seen the dining room of blogger Dallas Shaw floating around the internet the past few months.  It was instantly one of my favorite spaces.  I have blogged about going black in rooms before and this is a great way of incorporating the infamous Scalamandre zebra wallpaper, to make the idea of going super dark a little less scary!  Oh, and that chandelier...perfection!

Create the look for yourself of this space that just screams dinner party!

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