Monday, May 1, 2017

customizable planners with erin condren

In the past I have always been a planner person.  I actually have kept them all too, as I think it will be fun one day to go back and see exactly what I was doing on past dates.  However, last year I did a pretty awful job at sticking to one, mainly because the one I had was so large that I never took it anywhere with me, which ended up with appointments, meetings, and to do lists being kept in multiple areas, that didn't always end up on every location....basically a waste!

So this year I decided to go digital, it was the first year since maybe elementary school that I did not have a planner.  I have quickly learned that this was not working either!  I am a to-do list maker and keeping them in one place makes me so much more productive when it comes to getting things done...vs trying to find where I put the scrap piece of paper I made a list on.  When Erin Condren reached out about a collaboration using her LifePlanner™, it was like the phone call of the exact thing you known you've needed, but just haven't had the time to do.  

I have to say, I LOVE this planner, it has just the right about of what you need without too many extra bells and whistles that just end up cluttering things up!  Its completely customizable also....if you like that kind of thing!

If you get sick of the cover, you can even easily change that without having to buy a whole new!  When ordering from their website you can select how you want the pages to look... color vs black and white, and how you like your day set up...hourly, ect.

In the market for a completely customizable planner, as well as every add on you can think of?! Head over to and they are also offering Confetti & Stripes followers 15% off through 7/31/17 with code GETSOCIAL15. So go check them out, and let me know which cover you chose... it took me forever to decide!

Thank you to Erin Condren for sponsoring this post

Friday, July 31, 2015

diy | gold & white inspiration board

I'm breaking the radio silence!  It's good to be back after the longest blog break I've ever taken.  These past several months have been crazy and honestly I felt a little uninspired to write here, so a break was needed.  I'm excited for new upcoming things though and hope y'all will enjoy them also!

So now for a fun little DIY....

This week Courtney of Pizzazzerie (a fun party blog that is also Nashville based) revealed the before and afters of her blog office we've been working on over the past few months!  You definitely want to go check out the full reveal here!  (She was even nice enough to share sources!)

I'm always interested to see what pieces are the clients favorites when a room is complete.  Well Courtney's was seriously the easiest and most inexpensive DIY I've ever used in a project, so we're sharing it here.

Being a blogger (or anything in a creative field) means inspiration boards are a must.  One of her 'wants' was a large bulletin board.  There are several out there to choose from but they all seemed to have one of two things in common...budget breaking or fugly!  So I DIYd less than an afternoon....

1. A basic cork bulletin board (we used one that was 36x48)
2. White spray paint (we used high gloss)
3. Gold Leaf Rub n Buff
4. Painters tape
5. Microfiber towel or old rag
6. gloves (not a necessity but I rather not have gold fingers!)

1. Tape off the frame of the cork board
2. Apply 2-3 even coats of white spray paint on the cork (obviously can use another color)
3. Remove tape
4. Rub n Buff the frame (per their instructions)
5. Voila...hang your new fabulous board and think of all the money you saved!
**The awesome thumb tacks we used are these!**

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

on trend | luxe family game night

Have you noticed the reoccurrence of classic games being updated in luxe versions?!  Think luxury family game night.  I have been super impressed with the new spin on pool and ping pong tables at some of the past markets...but what if you don't have a full on game room and still want to incorporate this trend into your decor?  Yes, I said decor...obviously these pieces can be used to actually play games...but many of them have the details that allow them to double as art pieces.

I also recently watched a video that was talking about this exact trend and how it shows with our lives being over consumed with electronics, ect. that many people crave the classics, no batteries required! While also forcing you to have actual conversations with people....not just through your phones!

Does he come with the game?!

all images via pinterest

My top picks you can grab for yourself!...

Kelly Wearstler


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

we're now live on chairish!

Today I am sharing some exciting news that has been a long time in the making...I have debated starting some sort of vintage furniture and decor site for a long time.  If you know me you know how much I love incorporating vintage pieces into design.  Its my favorite way to add pieces that not anyone can go out and buy from a local retailer or order through the trade.  So as of this week Mallory Shaw Design is now live on Chairish.  

This is something I am super excited about and I hope you all will enjoy too.  New inventory will constantly be updating so make sure to check back often.  Also if there is a particular piece you are on the hunt for let me know as I am constantly out sourcing.

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